Terms and Conditions

Lovemadelove.com” is web site for electronic commerce: sale and delivery of the listed on the web site goods.
Lovemadelove.com” is not liable for any information, incorrectly specified by the manufacturer in respect to the articles, distributed by “www.lovemadelove.com” website.



1.  100% customer satisfaction;

2.  Easy replacement and return of the purchased articles;

3.  Full reimbursement  of the amount (if you have chosen incorrect size, colour, as well as in any other case);

4.  Fast delivery;

5.  Security of the online payments;

6.  Perfect customer service.


Terms and condition for placing the orders:


1.  Select the product you like, reviewing the categories: babies, girls and boys. We provide you the option to browse the different categories in criteria „age”, “color” and „brand" as well. When you select an article, please review it carefully: click on the photo, as to enlarge it, this will allow you to view the article in details. Select colour and size. Right to the articles you’ll find a link to the Size chart, facilitating your choice of clothes and shoe sizes. After selection of the colour and size, please, click on „Add to Shopping bag”. If the combination of colour and size you wish is not available, please, enter your e-mail in the box that will open and we’ll notify you once the colour and/or size you wish is available. 

2.  After you have added articles to your shopping bag, you can view the articles you have selected, their total value and price for delivery depending on the shipping service you have chosen - normal or express delivery. You can proceed from this page, clicking on „Continue Shopping”, and you’ll be back in the shop. Prior to click on the „Checkout” button, you can remove articles from the basket if you have changed your mind. If this is your final choice, please, select „Checkout” and you’ll move to the next step to finalize your order.

3.  The web site gives you the following options to place orders:

3.1. using the account of already registered user. You should have completed the registration process on the site, providing the required data and contact information. Once you are a registered user, you only need to fill your user name and password;

3.2. to register as new buyer

3.3. you can place and order as “guest” of the site.

If you prefer to be “guest”, no registration is required and you have to enter only your e-mail. The option to place an order as „guest” of the site deprives the “guest” of the possibility to trace the history of the previous orders and to receive information about promotions, discounts, etc.  

If client is registered user, she/he can place order simply entering her/his username and password, as the data provided upon registration as point of delivery, etc. explicitly stated, are stored in the system. Registration gives many advantages to customers, i.e. receiving regular information about promotions, discounts, notices for new arrivals, new collections and many more. When user has entered username and password, or registers and enters as “guest”, follows the next step.

4.  In order for customers to complete their orders, they have to correctly fill all obligatory fields, marked with * in the form „Billing/Shipping address”. Only when all obligatory fields are filled, users can proceed by clicking “Next step” button. 

5.  On “Billing/Shipping Methods” buyers can select „Billing method” and „Shipping Method” as well as to change their Billing and Shipping address if necessary. If user has special instructions to us concerning the order, she/he can to note this in the respective field and describe correctly the requirements. For more information about the delivery terms and conditions, please, click here.

6.  „Confirmation of the order” is the step, allowing overall and final review of the data entered. User has to confirm that she/he is aware of the General terms and conditions prior to the final confirmation of the order and then to click on „Proceed to payment”. After carefully reading the General terms and conditions, user shall tick in the respective field „I agree with the terms and conditions”. If this box is not marked as acknowledgement for the informed consent to the General terms and conditions for shopping through the site“www.lovemadelove.com”, user is not allowed to proceed to the next step, allowing her/him to confirm the choice of products. Acknowledging the consent with the Terms and conditions for use, user represents and warrants that has read and agreed with the General terms and conditions. After acknowledgement of the General terms and conditions, user shall click on„Proceed to payment” in order to complete the order.

7.  Prior to click on„Proceed to payment” user can go back to any previous step selecting „Previous step”, in view to change the entered information. 

8.  If data entered is correct, next page will appear on the screen with the number of your order and all details as follows: kind and quantity of ordered articles, unit price of each article, and final price of the order, terms of payment (credit card, PayPal or wire transfer). For deliveries with wire transfer order is processed up to 1 day as of receipt of the payment. This is precondition for all other kinds of payment.

9.  User will receive an e-mail, that the order has been successfully completed and also information about the delivery. 

-    Orders, placed after 2:00 p.m. as well as orders, for which payment is received after 2:00 p.m., will be processed on the next business day. Upon shipment collection by the forwarding company (courier), user will receive an e-mail with information about the date of delivery of the package, and the tracking number. This information allows each user to track at any time the status and delivery of the package through the web sites of the shipping companies and/ or by the phone.

The order Agreement under this General terms and conditions between the Client / user and “www.lovemadelove.com” is considered concluded after acceptance by “www.lovemadelove.com” of order for purchase, duly filled by the client. Obligation for delivery of the ordered by “www.lovemadelove.com” articles is binding as of the date of crediting  the bank account or PayPal account of “www.lovemadelove.com” with the amount of the order and the fees for delivery in all cases. “Www.lovemadelove.com” undertakes after acceptance of the order and the amount, payable by the Client for the related delivery along with all direct and indirect taxes, if any, to deliver the articles to the Client. If Client has stated incorrect and /or incomplete information, www.lovemadelove.com declines liability. Application for purchase (the order) is accepted after clicking on “Proceed to Payment”. Agreement binds “www.lovemadelove.com” to make the delivery after sending confirmation to the Client via e-mail or telephone. 

All prices on this web site are in EURO (€), British Pounds (£), US Dollars ($) or BGN, with VAT included, when such is due, depending on the country selection the user makes on the Welcome page of the web site.

With the order submission, the user gives her/his explicit consent her/his personal information to be used for the purpose of order completion under the sale and purchase Agreement, concluded by the means of the form on  the site. 


Replacement and return of articles:


Notwithstanding the reason, user can reject order, placed by her/him within 7 (seven) business days period, as of the date of its receipt.

Options in such case are as follows:

1.  We can replace the article with another size, colour or model at discretion of the user, at the same price as the purchased article;

2.  We can fully reimburse the price, paid by the user, whereas there will be deduction if user has used credit card and/or wire transfer for the shipping costs of the articles.

3.  If user refuses to accept the ordered articles, she/he undertakes to pay all delivery costs. In case of non-payment, trader is entitled to collect the costs according to the legal rules. 

If user wants certain article to be replaced, this can be done when we receive back the article, which is claimed to be replaced. The costs for delivery of the article in both cases are on account of the client / user.

If user wants reimbursement of the price paid, it will be reimbursed within 7 (seven) business days as of the date, on which we have received the article. The costs for return of the article to our office are on account of the buyer. In case of return without replacement, client shall reimburse the shipping costs for the articles if delivery had been on account of the web site.

Buyers can use the return or replacement option in case the following preconditions are present:

1. Article shall be in the original commercial condition, with original labels; it shall not be worn, torn, damaged, washed and/or pressed. 

2. Article shall be in unchanged original packing, with original accessories, if applicable. 

3. Replacement and/or return of underwear is not allowed due to hygiene considerations.

4. Shoes shall be tried on clean surface and should not have any traces or marks of wearing. 

Claims from buyers for non-compliance of the article with the agreed model, trademark, pattern, size and/or with established factory defect can be made via e-mail sent to:  returns@lovemadelove.com

Client will receive reply to her/his claim to the e-mail stated in the order form and/or to the e-mail, stated in the claim form, within seven (7) business days period as of receipt of the claim.

Period for settlement of reasonable claim is thirty (30) business days.

In case of reasonable claim, we are entitled at our discretion to: 

-  Remedy and eliminate the defect, if applicable at our discretion;

-  Replace the product with another;

-  Reimburse the price for the respective article, if such is available and in case there have been two consecutive claims for the same product.

Pursuant to Art.59 (1) of the Consumer Protection Law, under the law of Republic of Bulgaria, if we are not able to perform the order due to temporary lack of stock, particular size, pattern or colour, as well as in case of delayed shipment due to awaiting new import or new products batch, client will be notified by phone or e-mail, and if applicable, alternative articles will be proposed (colours, patterns) of the same quality and price.

In case of any change of content, price delivery terms and conditions of order placed, user will be notified by phone and/or e-mail and order will not be fulfilled without the explicit consent of the user that she/he agrees with the specified terms, conditions and time of the delivery.

User undertakes to keep the tracking number until return of the article to our office. If user has failed to keep the related shipping documents and articles to be returned are not received at our specified address, we decline liability for lost or non-delivered products. Liability in this case is completely on the user and in case of outstanding payments, user is obliged to settle them forthwith. 

For all questions and claims user can contact us, using the „Contacts” address, telephone number,e-mail and contact form on the web site or to e-mail us at: info@lovemadelove.com.

In case of unreasonable claim, www.lovemadelove.com (the Trader) is entitled to reject replacement of the article and/or reimbursement of its price, or to eliminate the damage / defect, if they have been caused in result from incorrect storage by the user and/or pressure, pulling, stretching of small size and/or intentional damage and breaking its wholeness, as well as in result from attempts product to be repaired and/or corrected.

Trader is entitled to decline to eliminate defect and /or damage of the product if there are evidences that user had attempted to eliminate the damage/defect by him/herself and/or with the assistance of thirds.

Reasonability of the claim and/or claim for occurred defect is at trader’s discretion.

Clients may return articles to the following address: Bulgaria, Sofia, 1000, 22, Bogatiza Street, Love Made Love Gallery, „Love Made Love International” ООD.

If article does not correspond to the sales agreement, user is entitled to file claim, requesting seller to provide article, corresponding to the sales agreement. 


Terms of payment:


Credit card payments:

We accept payments with the following credit cards: Master Card, Master Card Electronic, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express. Using your credit card, your personal data such as name, address, credit card number etc. remain protected, as the information is SSL-encrypted. Due to encryption, your data stays safe and secure. Personal data and information, received based on use of credit card, are NOT stored by us. Payments with credit card are made pursuant to the laws, arranging this kind of payments.

§          For you identification as the authentic cardholder, the e-commerce payment server of our servicing banksupports the authentication schemes of the international card organizations – Verified by Visa or Master Card SecureCode.  In case you are registered by your card isuuer for participation in those schemes, on your screen will be displayed an authentication page where you have to enter your password.

In case we need to return you money for paid to us with a card contracted or delivered / performed goods or services, we will refund you by a credit transaction on the card used for the original purchase.

In order to protect you against fraud during payment with your Visa or Master Card card, we apply best practices recommended by the international card organizations:

-          The security during entry and transport of card data is provided by the use of an SSL protocol for encryption of the connection between our server and the payment server of our servicing bank. 

-          The authenticity of your card is checked by the verification of the card verification value (CVV2)

-          In addition, for your identification as the authentic cardholder, the payment server of our servicing bank supports the authentication schemes of the international card organizations – “Verified by Visa” and “Master Card Secure Code”, in case you are registered to use them.

§          A payment page of our servicing bank opens, where you enter your card details

§          If you are registered for the Verified by Visa or Master Card Secure Code authentication services, an authentication page of your card issuer opens, where you type your authentication password or code.

Ifthe transactionis successful, a transaction receipt is displayed onscreen, which you print or save. 


Buyers can also pay using their PayPal accounts. Through Paypal you can securely pay with a PayPal balance, credit card or bank account. When you use PayPal to pay, you provide only your PayPal e-mail address so you don’t have to share any financial information with us, therefore we do not see your credit card details nor your bank account number. Paypal payments are always followed by an email confirming your transaction.


Delivery terms and conditions:


With the choice of shipping company, user represents that she/he agrees with the price of the delivery service to be added to the amount of the order. In case of credit card payment, prior to the payment user shall tick the check box “I agree with the Terms and Conditions” as a confirmation that she/he agrees and is aware of the price due, which includes the shipping fees. Without this confirmation and acknowledgment no payment will be made. The same obligation for acceptance of amount due has the user in case of bank wire transfer.

Order shall be considered ready for shipment once user has paid the whole order and the delivery amount through the chosen payment method. If user has paid only the amount due for the merchandise, but has failed to pay the fees due for her delivery, trader retains the right to decline the order processing, undertaking to reimburse the amount within seven (7) days period as of receipt of the payment, deducting the bank fees for reimbursement.

In case of stated incorrect address, contact person, and/or telephone number upon submission of the order form by the customer,www.lovemadelove.com” is not liable for the order processing.


Delivery within the European Union

  • For delivery within the European Union buyers have the possibility to choose between economy and express delivery. Economy delivery takes between 7 and 15 working days. Economy delivery does not come with tracking number therefore buyers will not be able to track the package online. Express delivery takes between 2 and 5 working days and is made by DHL. Express delivery provides tracking number. Buyers can track ordersat any time through the web pages of DHL. Delivery to P.O. boxes is not acceptable. 
  • User undertakes that once the order is places she/he is explicitly giving his/her agreement the package to be received by third party as well.

·         After the completion of the order, buyer will receive an e-mail from us, confirming the order was accepted with address for delivery, entered by the buyer.  

·         When package is forwarded, buyer will be notified via another e-mail, containing the tracking number (for shipping with DHL only).

·         No deliveries are made on Sundays and on official holidays. 

·         If delivery is not made due to incorrectly specified by the buyer telephone, address, etc., according to the General terms and conditions for use, package will be returned back on account of the buyer. In all cases, shipping fees for return of the articles to our office will be on account of the buyer. In this case buyer will be reimbursed the amount of the order less the transport fees for return of the articles due to incorrectly entered information and failed delivery.



International delivery

  • Delivery to Non-European Union member countries can be economy or express. Economy delivery takes between 8 and 20 working days. Economy delivery does not come with tracking number therefore buyers will not be able to track the package online. Express delivery takes between 5 and 12 working days and is made by DHL. Express delivery provides tracking number. Buyers can track ordersat any time through the web pages of DHL. Delivery to P.O. boxes is not acceptable. 
  • User undertakes that once the order is places she/he is explicitly giving his/her agreement the package to be received by third party as well.

·         After the completion of the order, buyer will receive an e-mail from us, confirming the order was accepted with address for delivery, entered by the buyer.  

·         When package is forwarded, buyer will be notified via another e-mail, containing the tracking number (for shipping with DHL only).

·         No deliveries are made on Sundays and on official holidays. 

·         Clients from Non-EU member countries shall pay all customs duties, fees, taxes, levies, etc. if applicable. These additional fees, taxes, excises, are not included in the prices or the final price paid for the products, stated on the site. All packages will have enclosed original invoice, stating the actual price of the purchased articles. In view to compliance with the international legal provisions, we cannot state any package as “gift” or at price, lower than the actual price. Buyer shall obtain on his/her own all documents necessary for release of the package from the customs.

·         If delivery is not made due to incorrectly specified by the buyer telephone, address, etc., according to the General terms and conditions for use, package will be returned back on account of the buyer. In all cases, shipping fees for return of the articles to our office will be on account of the buyer. In this case buyer will be reimbursed the amount of the order less the transport fees for return of the articles due to incorrectly entered information and failed delivery.



Rights and obligations of the parties:


Www.lovemadelove.com” undertakes:

 ·      To transfer to the Client the ownership of the articles, ordered for delivery after duly payment of the price;

        ·       To deliver on time the purchased articles according to the terms and conditions, detailed in the present General terms and conditions

We warrant that all articles are new, unused and with the original labels from the manufacturer. 

Client undertakes:

  •             - To state correct and valid telephone number, delivery address and e-mail;
  •             - Pay the price of the articles and according to the terms and conditions, explicitly selected by her/him and  the explicitly stated in the General terms and conditions;
  •             - Pay the delivery cost;
  •             - To ensure access and possibility for delivery of the articles.

Upon delivery of the articles, Client or third person sign the accompanying documents. Third person is considered everyone who has not placed personally the order but accepts the articles at the address, specified by the user.

In case of rejected acceptance/delivery of the articles, except for the below specified cases, rejection is considered unreasonable and Client /user owes the delivery costs and the costs for return of the articles back to us. If Client is not found at the time of delivery at the respective address, or in case access or acceptance is not ensured, www.lovemadelove.com is released from the obligation to deliver the ordered articles. Client can confirm willingness to accept the articles also after expiry of the period for delivery however he/she shall assume all costs related to the delivery. In this case a new period for delivery shall begin as of the time of confirmation pursuant to the previous sentence. 

Client is entitled to reject acceptance of ordered articles in the following cases:

     ·       Delivered articles obviously do not correspond to the order made by the Client and this can be established by the means of regular inspection.

·       The price Client has to pay does not correspond to the price, stated on the web site.

        ·       In case of non-correspondence between the ordered and delivered articles, which could not be established at the time of delivery, Client can request delivered articles to be replaced in compliance with the ordered ones within  24 hours as the time of receipt.  

In case of non-compliance of the articles to the sales Agreement under these General terms and conditions as well as in case the user is not satisfied with settlement of the claim, he/she is entitled to choose between the below two options:

1. Cancellation of the sales Agreement and reimbursement of the amount paid;

2. Price deduction.

User cannot claim reimbursement of paid amount or deduction of the price for the articles when the trader “www.lovemadelove.com” agrees article to be replaced with new or to repair it within one-month period as of filing the claim by the user. 

User is not entitled to claim cancellation of the agreement, if non-correspondence of the article to the sales agreement is insignificant.

Client is entitled without owing compensation, to cancel the concluded sales Agreement within 7 (seven) days period, as of the day of receipt of the articles. In this case Client shall return the article in preserved original packing and with uncompromised wholeness. In case this condition is not met, “www.lovemadelove.com” reserves the right to reject the returned article and respectively not to pay the costs for its purchase, made by the Client. 




With the placing of first order for articles on the web site, buyers declare their consent to receive information about all new products, new conditions and promotional sales via NewsletterNewsletters shall be considered general notices about available models, new collections, sales, special promotions, free deliveries, etc. If buyers are not willing to receive such information, after receipt of the first Newsletter, they have to send an e-mail with “Unsubscribe” text to following e-mail address: newsletter@lovemadelove.com.. 

Sending such kind of Newsletters does not bind in any way parties to purchase and/or sale articles and products, offered on the web page ofwww.lovemadelove.com.


Personal data:


“Www.lovemadelove.com” protects the personal information of the Client, disclosed in the e-order form, whereas this obligation is eliminated in case Client has filled incorrect or false information.

Observing the laws and following the clauses of the present General terms and conditions, www.lovemadelove.com” is entitled to process the personal data of the Client solely for the purposes, specified in the Agreement. Www.lovemadelove.com” is entitled to use the data for presentation of products and / or services to the Client, for promotions, sending greetings, organization of lotteries, inquiries, for statistical and other legal purposes, except for in case of explicit disagreement of the Client, e-mailed to: newsletter@lovemadelove.com.

Use of data for any other purpose shall be in compliance with the Bulgarian laws, applicable international acts, Internet ethics, morals and good manners.  

As you browse [company website], advertising cookies will be placed on your computer so that we can understand what you are interested in. We will then present you with retargeting advertising on other sites based on your previous interaction with [company website]. The techniques our partners employ do not collect personal information such as your name, email address, postal address or telephone number. You can visit this page (http://www.networkadvertising.org/choices/) to opt out of partners’ targeted advertising. 


Disclosure of the information:


Www.lovemadelove.com” undertakes not to disclose any personal data of the Client to thirds – government authorities, commercial entities, physical persons, etc., except for the following cases:

·        Client has given explicit written consent;

        ·        Information had been requested by government authorities, who according to the laws, as amended, are duly authorized to request and receive such information;

In such cases www.lovemadelove.com” is obliged to provide the information because of legal requirements.




Www.lovemadelove.com” is not liable for non-performance of its obligations under this agreement in case of force majeure events out of the reasonable control of www.lovemadelove.com” and which could not be predicted – including incidents, problems in the global Internet and if provision of the services is out of the control of www.lovemadelove.com”.




Parties will settle all disputes in the spirit of good will through negotiations. If parties fail to come to agreement, all unsettled disputes and controversies, including arising under or related to the present Agreement interpretation, invalidity, performance or termination, as well as disputes related to filling gaps or adaptation of the Agreement to newly occurred circumstances, will be settled by the competent court of registration ofwww.lovemadelove.com”, according to the Bulgarian laws.

Www.lovemadelove.com” retains the right to make changes in the prices of the offered products, whereas users of the site will be duly notified. 


Information about the company, owner of the website:

Company, having the ownership of the site for electronic commerce www.lovemadelove.com” is „Love Made Love International” Ltd., registered with the Registry Agency with unique Identification code BG201951077, seat and registered address: 98 Bulgaria Blvd., Entr. A, apt. 13, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Business address: 22, Bogatiza Street, Love Made Love Gallery, Sofia, 1000, Bulgaria, email: info@lovemadelove.com, telephone number: 00359898619282.

In case of change of the prices for the services of the shipping companies delivering the accepted orders, we retain the right to make changes, which will be valid as of the date of publishing on the web page www.lovemadelove.com”.