Notwithstanding the reason, user can reject order, placed by her/him within 7 (seven) business days period, as of the date of its receipt.

Options in such case are as follows:

1.    We can replace the article with another size, colour or model at discretion of the user, at the same price as the purchased article;

2.    We can fully reimburse the price, paid by the user, whereas there will be deduction if user has used credit card and/or wire transfer for the shipping costs of the articles.

3.     If user refuses to accept the ordered articles, she/he undertakes to pay all delivery costs. In case of non-payment, trader is entitled to collect the costs according to the legal rules. 

If user wants certain article to be replaced, this can be done when we receive back the article, which is claimed to be replaced. The costs for delivery of the article in both cases are on account of the client / user.

If user wants reimbursement of the price paid, it will be reimbursed within 7 (seven) business days as of the date, on which we have received the article. The costs for return of the article to our office are on account of the buyer. In case of return without replacement, client shall reimburse the shipping costs for the articles if delivery had been on account of the web site.

Buyers can use the return or replacement option in case the following preconditions are present:

1.     Article shall be in the original commercial condition, with original labels; it shall not be worn, torn, damaged, washed and/or pressed. 

2.     Article shall be in unchanged original packing, with original accessories, if applicable. 

3.     Replacement and/or return of underwear is not allowed due to hygiene considerations.

4.     Shoes shall be tried on clean surface and should not have any traces or marks of wearing. 

Claims from buyers for non-compliance of the article with the agreed model, trademark, pattern, size and/or with established factory defect can be made via e-mail sent to:  info@lovemadelove.com

Client will receive reply to her/his claim to the e-mail stated in the order form and/or to the e-mail, stated in the claim form, within seven (7) business days period as of  receipt of the claim.

Period for settlement of reasonable claim is thirty (30) business days.

In case of reasonable claim, we are entitled at our discretion to: 

-  Remedy and eliminate the defect, if applicable at our discretion;

-  Replace the product with another;

-  Reimburse the price for the respective article, if such is available and in case there have been two consecutive claims for the same product.

Pursuant to Art.59 (1) of the Consumer Protection Law, under the law of Republic of Bulgaria, if we are not able to perform the order due to temporary lack of stock, particular size, pattern or colour, as well as in case of delayed shipment due to awaiting new import or new products batch, client will be notified by phone or e-mail, and if applicable, alternative articles will be proposed (colours, patterns) of the same quality and price.

In case of any change of content, price delivery terms and conditions of order placed, user will be notified by phone and/or e-mail and order will not be fulfilled without the explicit consent of the user that she/he agrees with the specified terms, conditions and time of the delivery.

User undertakes to keep the tracking number until return of the article to our office. If user has failed to keep the related shipping documents and articles to be returned are not received at our specified address, we decline liability for lost or non-delivered products. Liability in this case is completely on the user and in case of outstanding payments, user is obliged to settle them forthwith. 

For all questions and claims user can contact us, using the „Contacts” address, telephone umber,e-mail and contact form on the web site.

In case of unreasonable claim, www.lovemadelove.com (the Trader) is entitled to reject replacement of the article and/or reimbursement of its price, or to eliminate the damage / defect, if they have been caused in result from incorrect storage by the user and/or pressure, pulling, stretching of small size and/or intentional damage and breaking its wholeness, as well as in result from attempts product to be repaired and/or corrected.

Trader is entitled to decline to eliminate defect and /or damage of the product if there are evidences that user had attempted to eliminate the damage/defect by him/herself and/or with the assistance of thirds.

Reasonability of the claim and/or claim for occurred defect is at trader’s discretion.

Clients may return articles to the following address: Bulgaria, Sofia, 1680, 73 Pirin Str, „Love Made Love International” LTD.